Sitcom Writing Workshops and Gigs


An Online Workshop (1 hour a day for 5 days) for those interested in writing Comedy for Television, Radio and Theatre.

Next Workshop:  Monday 20th July – Friday 24th July 2020


“A brilliant introduction to the principles of sitcom writing and actually a whole lot of fun too”  Iain Coyle, Commissioning Editor at DAVE

“We have used Bennett as a script consultant many times. You will learn tons about writing (and selling) really successful comedy scripts”  Elaine Cameron, Producer of Men Behaving Badly and Sherlock

Have you always wanted to write Comedy? Do you have an idea for a Sitcom but don’t know where to start? Have you started a Sitcom script but don’t know how to finish it?

Whether you are a first time writer or an experienced one, this Sitcom Writing Workshop will help you develop your ideas.

Run by award-winning Writer and Comedian Bennett Arron who has had over 30 sitcom scripts and a feature film produced on television and has written for several BAFTA-winning programmes, the Workshop will include:

How To Start From a Blank Page


Plot Development


Joke Writing

Story Arcs


How to Submit Scripts to Producers

You will also receive a 10,000 word Book (in PDF format) to accompany the Workshop

Previous Workshop attendees have had their film scripts produced and their own Sitcom Series on Radio 4

The Workshop will be live via Zoom for an hour a day (11am – 12pm) for five days (Monday to Friday) from Monday 20th July until Friday 24th July 2020

Limited availability: £48.00 + VAT  = £57.60